Patient FAQ

Wristband Distribution

Locations and dates
 for receiving wristbands
 will soon be posted in 
this space. Please check 
First come, first served until all wristbands have been given out.
One wristband per person

You MUST have a
wristband to enter!

How does someone qualify to receive a wristband?

Anyone can receive a wristband. Care Harbor is a free clinic open to all. There are no questions to answer or forms to fill out. You simply line up to receive the wristband. Once you are admitted to the clinic, you will only be asked for your name and contact information, and a nurse will take your medical history. This is so you can be provided with the care you need, and contacted for any follow-up reports or lab results. You will not be required to provide any financial or insurance information.


Can I pick up a wristband for someone else?

The wristband will be put on your wrist immediately. The person who receives the wristband on the day it is distributed will be the one admitted to the clinic.


What if someone cannot come to the wristband distribution?

Caregivers of the disabled or elderly, or parents who wish to bring a minor can get a wristband for the use of their loved ones. The wristband will be placed on the caregiver, who will then accompany the patient to the clinic and remain as the patient receives services. Only the patient can receive services, not the caregiver.


Can I remove the wristband?

Wristbands cannot be removed without destroying them. Wristbands that have been cut or altered will not be admitted to the clinic. You may shower or bathe with the wristband on without harming them.


Can I choose the day I want to come to the clinic?

Yes, there will be different color wristbands for each day of the clinic. You can choose the day you prefer. If all wristbands for that day have been given out, you will be asked to choose another day. Wristband distribution will continue until all days are gone.


Will I be guaranteed a wristband?

Unfortunately, no. Distribution is first come, first served. Volunteers will keep everyone in line informed as to how many wristbands are left and for what days. When we have reached clinic capacity, it will be announced so people won’t have to wait in line unnecessarily.

Can anyone come to the clinic without a wristband?

No one will be admitted to the clinic without a wristband. Walk-ups will not be admitted.


What should I bring to the clinic?

Patients who receive wristbands will receive instruction sheets with information on what to bring and what to expect at the clinic.


What dental services will be offered at Care Harbor?

Dental patients may choose one of the following services: cleaning, filling or extraction. A dentist will help you determine which best meets your dental needs. While dental services must be limited due to the nature of a free clinic event outside of the dental office, the following may be available in some cases, based on the recommendation of the examining dentist: partial dentures (front teeth only), denture repairs, root canals (front teeth only). However, we regret that the following services cannot be provided: back tooth root canals, crowns or caps, full dentures, impacted tooth removal or complex oral surgery.