How We Work

Our clinic model is designed to handle high patient

volume smoothly and efficiently while creating a

compassionate, welcoming environment.

A community partnership

Care Harbor free clinics are community events. We work in collaboration with local providers, schools, government agencies, and other regional stakeholders to assure the delivery of care to the underserved and at-risk in the community.

Care Harbor provides the management expertise and experience, software systems, equipment, resources, and healthcare professionals to organize and produce large scale, free clinic events that provide quality, sustainable care. Our clinic model is designed to handle high patient volume smoothly and efficiently while creating a compassionate and welcoming environment. Care Harbor free clinics place a strong focus on prevention and self-care, and follow-up capability is built into every event.

Our goal is that those who pass through Care Harbor will not need to return again. We are helping to achieve this goal with the resources we bring to every clinic event.

Clinic management personnel

Our event organizers, medical, dental and vision professionals, floor managers and other key personnel will be part of the planning process and clinic operation.

Software systems

Custom software – from online volunteer registration and recruiting to a HIPAA compliant electronic medical record system – provides extensive clinic management, record keeping and reporting capabilities.

Equipment & supplies

Care Harbor provides necessary vision, dental and medical equipment scaled to the needs of the event, from our own inventory and through a network of national partners.

Training materials

Illustrated manuals for Team Leaders, Floor Managers, and other key volunteers provide pre-event orientation and training to ensure a smoothly running clinic.

Clinic environmental system

A complete clinic environment, venue-adaptable with clear directional signage, department identities, and efficient layout ensures a friendly, positive experience for patients.

Public relations and outreach

Patient fliers, volunteer recruiting materials, press releases and other community outreach materials, a section on the Care Harbor website and in our social media program, and other materials to help promote and publicize the clinic are provided.


A detailed report on clinic results, including services delivered, value of care, demographic breakdowns and correlations, prevention and follow-up metrics and other data will be provided. From early planning and strategy meetings through to preparation of the final post-clinic reports, the Care Harbor team works closely with local providers and agencies to make health happen.