Reach the people who need your services the most

Your clients are together under one roof at one time

Exhibitor Registration

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Care Harbor is a major opportunity for organizations and agencies to reach the people most important to their mission – all under one roof at one time. The men and women attending this free clinic are an accessible and eager audience as they wait, often for hours, for the health services they request. Charities, organizations and government agencies can connect with their publics on a large scale with great efficiency and impact.


There is space for exhibits and presentations that educate and inform patients or provide them with a needed service. Our goal is to promote the wellness and wellbeing of the people we serve ­ who are among our most vulnerable populations – with prevention and education resources.


Exhibitors may have space on the main Arena floor, and/or make presentations in a small Arena theater attended by waiting patients. There is no charge for exhibiting or presenting, and basic booth setups will be provided. All exhibitors must be approved and registered in advance.


If you are interested in being an exhibitor or presenter at the event, please contact exhibitor@careharbor.org.

We ask the following of our exhibitors:

You must provide a genuine and needed service to our patients.

It could be wellness education, programs and services that promote health or provide assistance, or life-skill tutoring such as resume building or financial counseling. We have exhibits and presentations on everything from nutrition and smoking cessation to bedbug prevention and disaster preparedness; from financial planning to low or no-cost insurance plans.

The most successful exhibits have an interactive component – 

counselors or volunteers who can answer questions and engage our patients, rather than merely pass out literature.

We do not permit exhibitors to sell or solicit sales for merchandise or services,

to gather patient names for mailing lists, or to engage in marketing activities. We do encourage exhibitors to distribute free merchandise or samples of value to our patients.

Exhibitors must be present for all operating hours of the clinic.

Materials and booths can be set up the day before the clinic. There will be 24 hour security, and exhibitors will be provided with a buffet lunch every day.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope you can be part of Care Harbor and reach out to those most in need of your help.